OTHER SERVICES with Sparta pet sitters Plano TX

Pet Taxi


$30.00 -  Our pet taxi transport pet sitting and dog boarding to/ from veterinarian, groomer, ​etc. This pet service is up to 10 miles. Add $1 per extra mile. All services are in Plano TX.

House Security Check


$20.00 - Not Pet Sitting related - This service will go to your house to check the security of your home in Plano TX. Mail pick up and water plants are included. 

Overnights Stays


$95.00 - A Pet Sitting services will go to the client's home from 10pm and spend the night with the pets until 7am the next day. This pet services includes a potty break and breakfast served before she leaves. Our overnights are provided in Plano TX only.

Picking up and Drop off Keys


Pet Sitting keys rate is $13.00. Please provide the sitter 2 keys (required for services) during the initial consultation in order to avoid further delays. If keys are not provided during initial meet and greet, a fee will apply since the sitter takes the time to drive to the pet owners home. A fee will apply If pet owner wish the sitter to perform an extra visit to drop off the key. Pet owner also can drop off or pick up keys at no cost at our office in Plano TX.

Water Plants


Starts at $8.00 - Our pet sitting services will water your plants once she is done with your fur baby. Rate is based on length of time. Our pet services are located in Plano TX. 



$3.00 - Sparta Pet sitting services will administer oral medication while visiting the pets. One time fee for every visit the meds are given. Our pet services located in Plano TX.


Sparta is a one stop shop . We provide all pet services your pet requires and enjoy!  

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Dog Boarding


Sparta Pet Palazzo pet services provide dog boarding and cat boarding options for spacious rooms and suites. Complimentary day care and web cams at no cost to you. We are located in Plano TX.

Dog Grooming


Bring your dogs to meet with one of our experienced dog stylists. Get upscale pet services with our professional dog grooming services in Plano TX.

Doggie Day Care


Sparta Pet Services in Plano will provide your dogs all day play inside as well as outside. Plus non stop love and care from our pet loving staff.

Dog Training


We provide a wide variety of dog training services including puppy classes, board and train, dog obedience, and more. Sparta Pet Sitting services and dog boarding and training is located in Plano TX. 

Cat Boarding


With Sparta Pet services, your cats will enjoy a 7 feet tall cat suite with soft music and relaxing quiet environment. Plus non stop loving from our staff. Our pet sitting and boarding services are located in Plano TX. 

Pet Waste Removal Services


Sparta pet services will go to your home & remove all pet waste in your backyard. Weekly, biweekly or monthly services. We services Plano TX and surrounding areas.

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Sparta offers a wide variety of services such as grooming, boarding, day care, pet sitting, pet waste removal, training and much more.

Check out our pet waste removal services - Sparta Pooper Scoopers